1. I’m co-leading the Columbus March4Trump event, which is to show support for President Trump and to peacefully unite all people in honor of America. This a national event to show a united front.

    The event is Saturday, March 4, Ohio Statehouse, noon – 3. For more information, visit http://www.march4trump.org.

    Please help us spread the word and get folks out to join in this nationwide movement.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

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  4. After living in morrow co. Harmony township for over forty years and a registered voter, this year they told me that my name was not in their register and I would have to fill out a paper ballot. Why this was I’m not sure. Hope my votes were counted.

  5. No one can tell me why on election day I was forced to fill out a paper ballet. I am a registered voter and have lived in harmony town ship for well over40 years. In past years I’ve always voted in a booth. Why this year I wonder?

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